About my 1981 Berlina T-top Coupe

General Information:

It was 1 of 75 built on a new Corvette Chassis,  factory built in Florida by Phillips Motor Car Company.

All 75 cars were pre-purchased for a price of $105,000 brand new.

They were  styled after the 1937 Mercedes 540K.

My Specific Features:

  1. Corvette 350 V8 Engine
  2. Testarossa Turbo 400 automatic  transmission
  3. T-tops
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Power windows
  6. Power locks
  7. Whitewall tires
  8. 2 Full size spare tires
  9. DVD player in the dashboard
  10. Red leather interior
  11. All red exterior
  12. Less than 15,000 original miles


More Information:

  1. Purchased 6/30/92
  2. Title in my name
  3. No emissions necessary
  4. Placed 2nd in Special Interest Class at Hooters Car Show
  5. Appraised in 1993 by Auto Appraisal of St. Louis and was appraised at $79,500 and in “Fine” Condition.  The car has been stored ever since and rarely driven.
  • This car is for sale!
  • I am asking $25,900 obo.
  • Feel free to contact me with any serious inquiries.

Contact Information:

Joe Spezia



5 responses to “About my 1981 Berlina T-top Coupe

  1. My recently purchased 1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe arrived in late July…and I love it. Gets a lot of favorable comments

  2. These are unique automobiles as i have owned mine for 22 years while so many others have come and gone its just so special and extraordinary!!

  3. Gotta have a phillips berlina coupe but credit shot. 4k down now but saving another k every month, some months more. If you would like to keep it a little longer….

  4. AACA now accepts the Phillips Berlina Coupe as a SGCV (Class 35C) My discussions with a dealer who sold 1 Berlina Coupes when new indicates Charles Phillips built 87 Berlona Coupes

  5. Hi Ray, Glad you are enjoying your 81 Coupe! It certainly is a unique car that gets lots of looks and starts conversations everywhere. Thanks for the info about Charles Phillips, I hadn’t known that.

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